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Motorcycle Trailer Bunk Beds

Motorcycle Trailer Bunk Beds

Motorcycle Trailer Bunk Beds

  Each year Florida Highway Patrol responds to approximately 350 accident victims that all have the same thing in common; they fell asleep at the wheel and collided with another vehicle, light pole or tree. Many of these accidents are fatal and could have been totally avoided, had the drivers simply pulled over and rested or got some shut eye. There are many instances where a bed could and would have served someone well and perhaps even saved a life, if it was available and most of all engaged.

There are other reasons where a bed could and would have come in very handy if one was available. Just think of all the times you have pounded the pavement looking for a room during a popular event, like Bike Week and have been quoted $120.00 to $160.00 for the night, just to sleep on a filthy stained bed for several hours; sound familiar? You will be pleased to know that at your option our trailers are equipped with portable beds that will serve you well and perhaps extend your life substantially!


Imagine sleeping on a Queen size bed that will accommodate a Married couple when desired and being able to convert this Queen size bed within a few moments to a standard and traditional over and under bunk bed to accommodate two males on a week end Riding Adventure.

Each Bunk Bed features a 1-1/2" angle iron deck with welded corners and 2 center supports , 1 1/8" round 20 gauge cold rolled steel legs , 2" x 4" galvanized link spring deck and comes with two 4" mattresses that are thick and comfortable. The frame has a black painted finish , is 30" X 75" , stands 4 feet tall and has a Guard Rail for the top bunk for safety and weighs 100 LBS.

These Combination Queen Size / Bunk Beds are Portable and completely fold up for easy storage. Depending upon the number of Motorcycles or volume of cargo , each 8 X 16 Trailer will hold one or more of these Combination Beds that can accommodate up to four people.

As a Prerequisite to the sale of this Trailer each buyer warrants that prior to loading any motor vehicle , motorcycle or other gasoline , diesel or other fuel powered vehicle or machine in the Trailer , the battery , fuel and oil will be removed for safety and to avoid fires , explosions and other damage that could result in property damage , bodily injury or death.


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